Eliot Cowan

Mr. Cowan is best known for making accessible two treasures: the indigenous Huichol shamanistic tradition of Mexico and an approach to deep healing with the spirits of plants. The wisdom and medicine of the Huichol people are thriving in the Sierra Madre, but they had been largely inaccessible to outsiders until Eliot Cowan received initiation as a medicine man and guide to apprentices in that tradition.

Mr. Cowan is now recognized as a Tsaurirrikame or elder medicine man in the Huichol tradition. He has trained and initiated over twenty-five medicine people who are helping their clients in the U.S and other countries.

After 10 years of successful practice of acupuncture, Eliot wedded shamanistic approaches with Chinese Medicine to give new life to an ancient form of healing which he calls “Plant Spirit Medicine”. He is also the author of the book by the same name, “Plant Spirit Medicine

Today Eliot serves his people as a healer, counselor, teacher, public speaker, guide to apprentices, ceremonial leader and worker in support of the Sacred Fire Community, the Huichol Community of San Andres Cohamiata, and Blue Deer Center.

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