Blue Deer Annual Giving Fund

What is the Blue Deer Annual Giving Fund?

The Blue Deer Annual Giving Fund is a pool of unrestricted money raised each year through charitable contributions that support our operating budget and fills the gap between program revenue and the actual cost of running Blue Deer Center operations.

All of our programs (both at the Center and off-site) rely on the support of our generous donors and volunteers. Their work, sincere effort, and financial resources, make it possible for Blue Deer to bring healing in nature to participants. We strive to keep our programs as low as possible. The revenue from our retreats, classes and virtual offerings, only covers 40% of the operating cost. Due to our closure this year, our revenue from programs has dropped to less than 5%.

Who supports the Blue Deer Annual Giving Fund?

  • Program Participants
  • Staff
  • Volunteers
  • Board of Directors
  • Healers
  • Providers
  • Teachers
  • Friends of Blue Deer

Why is it so important that every person in our community contributes to Blue Deer’s Annual Giving Fund?

When Blue Deer approaches a charitable foundations to ask for grants, their first question is:

How many people contribute to the Annual Giving Fund? Full participation signals to them that our community is fully committed to our mission and as a result they are more likely to fund our programs.

Where does the money go?

Blue Deer Annual Giving Fund does it all.

  • Staff Salaries
  • Mortgage
  • Utilities- lights, heat, water, oil, gas
  • Building maintenance & repair
  • Phone, wi-fi, database programs, website
  • Insurance-property, workers compensation, liability, car
  • Accountant, bookkeeper
  • Health department requirements
  • Transportation
  • Equipment repairs...
  • Supplies
  • Opening Guest House 2021, Tent, Tipi
  • Generators, UV water System and Testing

Our total monthly operating expenses range between $30,000-$35,000.

Can I pledge now and pay later?

Yes, by making a pledge or investment early in the year, you can help us make our financial plans and projections as accurately as possible, especially ending 2020 with almost no program revenue.

Any questions please contact.
Amanda Kerner
executivedirector [at] bluedeer [dot] org