An Introduction to the Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training

Taking the Wisdom of the Divine Natural World course was for me an incredible opportunity and blessing. [A]ll of my expectations in terms of the course material and his teachings were far exceeded. I have studied and practiced five-element acupuncture for many years and found Eliot’s teachings deeper and more far reaching than any other I have experienced. Learning to journey to the plant spirits and having time during class to be outside in the natural beauty of the Center, brought me to a clearer and stronger sense of the divine within me. The time around the fire with Eliot in the evenings felt like a perfect balance to the teachings of the day. As a group we laughed, shared stories and deeply listened to one another.

Since returning home from the class, my time at the Blue Deer Center has continued to reverberate through my life. Most obviously, I am proud to say I am now half way through the Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training course. Additionally, I feel that my work as a healer and acupuncturist is stronger and more focused since I have returned. I now strive to bring the deep listening and open hearted joy that I felt while I was at the Blue Deer Center to my relationships. And last but certainly not least, I still hold the people I met close to my heart.

– Marshall Woodward, Maine, USA