Blue Deer Center Celebrating 10 Years

Blue Deer Center just turned 10 and we want you to join us in celebrating this milestone by looking back at what we’ve accomplished with your help and encouragement. Making connections, building relationships with each other, the natural world and its teachings and looking forward to 2016 with a BIG birthday wish—


After many years of searching for just the right place, Blue Deer Center opened for programing in beautiful Catskill Mountains of Margaretville, New York on August 13, 2005. From 240 visitors in 2005 to nearly 600 in 2015, Blue Deer Center has expanded its program offerings from just one or two to twenty or more each year. Through hard work and dedication to our mission, our programs have brought more than 25 elders, teachers and tradition holders from around the world to this sacred place. These elders, teachers and tradition holders have shared their teachings and wisdom with nearly 5000 people.

These programs have included Plant Spirit Medicine Healer training programs, Retreats for Men and Women, Healing camps, and an exploration into our relationship with water. Through these programs, people have connected with the land, the river, themselves and others. They have experienced music, dancing, plant walks, meditations, meals together and more.

See a photo album looking back at the past 10 years


The past 10 years are only the beginning of our journey. Looking forward Blue Deer will be adding more participant housing, elder housing and program space. We will continue to bring the programing that our community supports and needs. We strive to be the place where people can come together to reconnect with the natural world, themselves and others as well as build relationships together.

We invite you to join us in sharing this connection to the natural world, each other and our hearts for generations to come.