Sometimes Illness Opens Us to Look in New Directions

This past September I was diagnosed with a terminal disease after a trip to my local hospital which, needless to say, was very disturbing. In the course of getting treatment from various sources a trusted physician suggested I consider a trip to The Blue Deer Center for a Winter Healing Retreat.

After checking into it and trying to keep an open mind, I decided to give it a try. This was a very new world for me and I had very little knowledge of Shamanic Healing and Ancient Wisdom Traditions. The treatments I received from Eliot Cowan were mysterious and unlike anything I had experienced before. I wasn’t sure what effect, if any, they were having. However, I did begin to feel better while I was there, not knowing if it was the peaceful, quiet surroundings or the treatments.

After I returned home, I continued to feel better both physically and emotionally to the extent that I wanted to know more about the spirituality of these Ancient Traditions. I started to attend my local Sacred Fires and began to discover a new world that resonated with me. I became hungry for more. I developed a strong sense of trust that this was the right path for me.

Knowing that the improvements in my life after my first retreat were no coincidence, I decided to attend the Spring Healing Camp at the Blue Deer Center. I have just returned home and I am already feeling the benefits in my life. I am very grateful that such a place as the Blue Deer Center exists and that people like Eliot Cowan and the other folks I had the honor to spend time with at the Center are so dedicated to helping others.

— Jeff, North Carolina, USA

Join us at the Blue Deer Center for Healing Camp, May 2-7, 2020