A Space for New Growth: The Season of Fall and the Metal Element

By Carla Leftwich

The harvest has been brought in and thanksgivings have been made and received. There is a feeling of fullness in body, mind, and spirit. The abundant stores of food and comfort and peace that were provided by the Season of Late Summer and the Earth Element are gathered around us. We have all that we need to feel secure and cared for until the next Spring.

Encouraged by shorter days and crisp blasts of cooler winds, the Earth begins to let loose her closely held blanket of heavy, humid air. The fields where wheat and rice where cultivated are now bare. Wild grasses and shrubs are dying back. Apples and pears and squashes not fit for picking are beginning to rot in sparse gardens and orchards. Golden pine needles and red and orange leaves litter the ground around the trees where they will wither and give their final gift of vital minerals back to the soil. Everywhere there is a downward energy and a feeling of loss and natural grief.

There is also something else. Death and decomposition has cleared space for new growth when the cycle of birth returns. And, now the shining silver trunks and limbs of the trees stand as glorious structures pointing to the clear open sky. The realm of the heavens is revealed and given its natural place of honor. There is a sense of appreciation for the beauty of what once flourished and what jewels of life still remain. There is sense of awe and inspiration – a welcome freshness in the air.

The season of Fall and the Element of Metal brings us to a new stage of life - one in which, while secure in the unconditional love of the Mother, we begin to venture out beyond the sense of home and hearth and toward vast energy of Father Sky. Every new breath brings vital qi energy into our lungs and our lives and adds quality to the qi that we receive through the nourishment provided by Mother Earth. The heavenly divine spark provided by the Metal Element brings a direct connection to the limitless universe. Our lives are enriched by this Father energy. It brings respect and recognition of the unique gifts that we have to give to the world.

Use this magical time of Fall to clean out the clutter in your life – to let go of what no longer serves you - whether it be clothes that no longer fit, or relationships that you have outgrown, or old habits that clog your mind and body. Once you allow the space, Nature will respond by filling your next breath with clear, pure inspiration.