Healing is a sign of hope ...

As the earth is pulsating with the energy of Spring, Blue Deer Center is preparing for a new beginning.


The Board of Directors have made the bold decision to reopen the Center in June, 2021 (with Covid-19 precautions). This is only possible thanks to the support of our donors, volunteers, and staff. The benefit of healing in nature is needed and will be available to you at Blue Deer Center. During these times of change, immersion in Nature is able to provide a much-needed release from the struggles of our lives. Nestled in the beautiful Catskill Mountains on sacred land, Blue Deer offers a unique form of medicine that will bolster the strength of your spirit and restore balance. Science is waking up to the benefit of nature in our lives for our mental and physical wellbeing.

The 2021 Schedule of Programs is ready for you to make your plans and come to Blue Deer Center!


Most of our participants over the years have come to Blue Deer Center because someone cared enough to let them know about our programs of healing. We invite you to share Blue Deer with your friends and family! Come back to renew and reconnect!