Fireball 2011 – Ancestral Traditions Come Home

Mark your Calendars for this upcoming mainstay of the Center. Saturday, June 11th. There is much to do to put this event on, and we are looking for people to help out in all capacities from overall coordination, cooking, set-up, silent auction, liaison with Elders and more.

The theme -- Ancestral Traditions Come Home -- for Fireball 2011 was inspired by fire. This year the Fireball will be hosting four Elders from ancestral traditions. These Elders will be available throughout the day for informal talks and a chance to sit with them and chat.

There will also be the fire in the evening for a more formal talk and presentation by these Elders. Fireball 2011 – Ancestral Traditions Come Home will be a unique and rare opportunity to meet, learn and be with these inspiring people.

If you would like to help to plan this event, please contact Peter Brown at

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