Antidote to the calamities of life

Every day, the natural world offers us the bounty and beauty of life. We invite you to join the worldwide celebration of generosity by giving to Blue Deer Center today!

When we feel separated, lost or confused, there are sacred lands we can depend on to provide restorative medicine for our spirits. Blue Deer Center is one of these sacred places. For centuries, this land has been known as a place where conflict is resolved and illness gives way to healing. We find that blessed things happen here that are not possible even a short distance away.

Here is one participant’s experience:

“Fostering the wisdom from ancestral traditions and our connection to the natural world is the antidote to the calamities we are facing in our world. I have experienced personal healing and growth from my sessions with elders of these traditions at the Center. These healings have offered me new ways to be and have deepened my connection to all of life, which for me, are gifts beyond what money can buy.” – Judy

The river is made of many, many, many droplets. As we give together as a community we help protect this sacred place!

With our Annual Giving Fund, we will have the resources to operate, pay our small and talented staff, and continue bringing healing in nature to people. We will begin the new year with $129,000 reserved, thanks to the generosity of our donors and small interest government loans. To move forward, we must fill in the gap of $271,000 for our Annual Giving Fund.

Will you give to Blue Deer Center’s Annual Fund today? Your generosity will make it possible for others to receive healing in nature.