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The Land

Many years ago, in the broad valley of the Upper Delaware, near what is now called Margaretville, New York, several Mohawk and Oneida families made camp for summer hunting and gathering. It happened that a dispute over territory arose between the two groups, and soon afterwards the death of a warrior was discovered. Who was responsible? There were allegations and counter-allegations.

Our Vision

As an expression of Sacred Fire, we offer a home for shared experiences of transformation and healing by embracing the wisdom of the natural world.

Authentic Wisdom Traditions

About Elders

"The teachings are for all, not just for Indians...The white people never wanted to learn before...Now they have a different understanding, and they do want to learn. We are all children of God. The tradition is open to anyone who wants to learn. But who really wants to learn?"

Don Jose Matsuwa, Huichol, 1989