Huichol Art Project

Who are the Huichols and why are we connected to them?

In the rugged Sierra Madre of Mexico, the Huichol people are living as they have for thousands of generations, in communion with nature and each other. Never conquered by outsiders, their sacred traditions and connection to the Gods have remained intact. They are one of only a handful of existing indigenous cultures with such a continuous heritage. Their lives center around sacred rituals and tradition, everything from planting corn to embroidering clothes done in a sacred way, their artwork alive with their experience of the Divine.

Meanwhile, the lives of our people move in another direction – into coldness, doubt, fear and alienation. Amidst our impressive possessions, as we congratulate ourselves on our “evolution”, there is a disturbing emptiness, a yearning for something long forgotten. We no longer remember the fire our distant ancestors knew so well, and the Huichol people still know. But no matter who we are or where we come from, there is a blaze in the human heart that illumines our inner selves. In its warmth, we feel our belonging to this world, for it burns not just in us, but also in every human, plant, animal, mineral, and situation.

What is our work with the Huichols?

As a small repayment of our debt of gratitude to the Huichol people, we founded the Huichol Art Project. The Blue Deer Center actively supports the Huichols through this project by creating markets in this country for their sacred artwork. This non-profit enterprise enables many Huichol families to remain in their homeland maintaining their lifeways, rather than migrating to the lowlands to be exploited in factories and tobacco plantations. The Huichol Art Project is administered at no profit to the staff or the Blue Deer Center.

If you would like more information about the Huichol Art Project, or wish to obtain art for sale in your area, please email Anna Lena Hilton, the HAP Coordinator: huicholartproject [at] bluedeer [dot] org.