Give Today!

Your generosity is essential to the life of Blue Deer. Thank You.

The land we call Blue Deer Center is a sacred place. It has been known for millennia as a place where conflict is resolved and illness gives way to health.

“A dear friend told me once that "Life is a Gift". I believe that is true. Some gifts are given to us, some we give to others, and some are taken from us. A loved one of mine passed away a few years ago, a precious gift lost. However, because of that loss I was given a most remarkable gift...a transformative week at the Blue Deer Center.

The experience was unique for me. Eliot's healing counsel, the music of the flute, the reconnection to nature's elements of air, water, earth, and fire. There were no distractions, only a calm connection to the natural healing nature of this sacred place. And a personal rediscovery of what is important in life, and what is not.

The Blue Deer is a place of exchange. A place of healing, of giving and receiving, and of gratitude from which anyone can benefit if one is wise enough or lucky enough to go there.”

~Steve Collard

Now more than ever, nature is our most powerful ally. Your financial generosity is bringing the benefit of healing in nature to our social structures and modern lifestyles, one person at a time.

We’re so grateful for your gift.