June 11, 2011


Gather Around With the Elders

A time to relax and take into account our accomplishments and the future of our community together.

Sit with the elders by the fire in a beautiful mountain setting. At our annual Fireball, we invite the community to come celebrate and recognize our accomplishments as we bring ancestral traditions to this land from around the world. Join us as we dance to the music of Blue Paradox and share delicious home-cooked food. A consecrated fire will burn at the center of this celebration to connect with the elders, offering us a rare chance to take part in a ceremony for the land and river and enjoy the bounty of our lives.

Details & Pricing


Cost: $50 for adults; $35 for Young Adults 24 & under; $10 for 5-12 year olds & Free for under 5.

A one-day event.

*Limited overnight lodging is available for an additional fee.

Breakfast on the following day:

$15 Adults

$5 for 12 and under