September 25, 2021

Harvest Festival

A time for gratitude

with Vickie Reeves Cowan

In the rhythm of the seasons there is the time for gratitude. It is a time to gather to celebrate, to give offerings and thanks for a bountiful weather season across the land. Giving thanks to the Weather Spirits for the rains that have made this harvest and our lives possible.

We invite you to join this time of joy and celebration that is held in the Nahua tradition of weatherwork and healing. As an initiated Granicera in this Tradition, Vickie is honored to lead this ceremony of deep gratitude for our Region and Community.


  • We will be placing traditional offerings from each person which includes flowers, bread and fruit. Additional offerings can include your special offering, anything that speaks to your heart signifying the abundance, beauty and joy of the harvest and our lives.
  • Once we have laid an altar and placed our offerings , we will enjoy a meal together on the porch, while the spirits enjoy their feast. After the meal we will return to the Altar to close the Ceremony.
  • We will plan to share a potluck meal if COVID guidelines allow for it. Or we will request everyone to please bring your own personal food for yourself and immediate family members attending. (Picnic Style)
  • Please dress for the weather as we will be outside under the Fire Tent. Women please wear skirts or dresses, and men long pants.

Blue Deer Center

Nestled in the Catskill Mountains on ninety three acres of land and forest, the Blue Deer Center is embraced by “Saskawhihine,” the river of peace. This land, known for millennia, as a place where conflict is resolved and illness gives way to health. Blessed things happen here that cannot happen even a short distance away, for this sacred place offers unique medicine that supports your healing and remembering your relationship to all of nature.


A series of unusual life experiences led Vickie to seek a spiritual divination which resulted in revealing that Vickie had a calling to be a “weather worker” or granicera (one who works with hail and storms) in the Nahua indigenous tradition of Mexico. She was initiated into this tradition in 2006.

Details & Pricing

Registration is required for this event. There is no admission cost to attend. Free will donations to the Blue Deer will be gratefully accepted.

Please plan to be on-site from 2-5 pm. Further instructions & information will be emailed to you.

We will honor the appropriate protocols of wearing masks and social distancing.

Please contact Linda at with any questions about this program or registration.