June 11, 2021

Prosperity Ritual Planting

*| NEW MOON |*

Participate in the planting of the corn ceremony from your home to bring prosperity and support the missions of Blue Deer and Sacred Fire Community.

Join us by lighting a candle and offering your prayers.

The Prosperity Ritual engages specific spiritual energies, elements and prayers to bring forth abundance. It is centered around the corn cycle, including the planting, germinating, tending and harvesting of corn, followed by a celebratory community feast.

The Prosperity Ritual was given to us by Fire so that we might receive the resources we need to bring heart, Fire, wisdom and healing out into the world. This profound ritual involves planting and harvesting corn.

Across the Americas, there is a deep relationship between people and corn. A plant that requires human intervention to propagate, corn is a central part of the Meso-American diet. Even in modern times, corn continues to share its bounty as the source of many derivative food products as well as feedstock for cows, pigs, and chickens. We are still very much ‘people of the corn.’ No wonder then that there is a longstanding association between corn and prosperity.

Representatives from our three organizations will be participating in the Planting of our Prosperity Ritual corn. We will be joined by others from the Huichol and Nahua medicine paths, as well as the local Tepoztlán Fire community.

We are grateful for the expressions of love and care that we receive from all of you, our donors, participants, volunteers and friends.

Details & Pricing

No registration required, though we'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences: info@bluedeer.org