June 4 – 8, 2020

Ukalai Women's Gathering (Postponed)

with   Sherry Boatright & Annie King

Dear Friends of Blue Deer,

This program has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At this point we are planning to reopen the Center in time for the Summer Solstice.

We are currently accepting registrations for the Summer and Fall Healing Camps and for Sacred Partnership with the World: Living with Totem

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please email lindafelch@bluedeer.org if you have any questions.

Wishing you and your loved ones peacefulness from Sacred Land of Blue Deer Center,

Amanda Kerner
Acting Executive Director
Blue Deer Center


Women holding space for one another is an immensely empowering experience. 

Maybe you already know how nourishing it is to sit in circle with other women or maybe you have yet to come by this powerful experience.  As women, we are all sharing in this common experience of life with our strengths and insecurities, our fears, repeating narratives and blind spots. Wouldn’t it be a relief to let go some of the old paradigms and make space for the unseen so that you can open to deeper insights and greater awareness of who you are this very day?  

We are the networkers, the life-givers, mothers, maidens, grandmothers, each of us having our own struggles with partners, children, careers and if we’re lucky, purpose and direction.  Are you who you always wanted to become? Is it time to evaluate, maybe change course or hone in even more to the course you are already on? When was the last time you gave yourself time?  FOUR DAYS, all to yourself, cooking no meals, driving nowhere, doing no one else’s work, just being in your own heart and body with a graceful spaciousness?   

In traditional cultures there are regular times when women come together with elder women to realign and refocus. In today’s rapidly changing world, Ukalái is a coming together for this purpose—to reconnect us to the core of the feminine.  

At Sacred Fire Ukalái you can drop into your deeper self, all the while being guided by spirit and women elders versed in this work, sharing what ails you and freeing up space for new possibilities, perhaps a new vision, a different perspective, deeper understandings and in the end, a circle of NEW SISTERS!


Sacred Fire LifeWays
Ukalai: An Annual Gathering of Women
is a Sacred Fire Lifeways program.


  Sherry Boatright

A lifelong resident of the Southeastern US, Sherry received a calling to her spiritual path through Nahuatl shaman Don Lucio Campos in the central Mexican highlands in 1999 and was initiated as a quiatizques (woman bringer of rain) in this traditional path. From this she became devoted to bringing fire and spirit into community and the world.

Annie King

Originally from Australia, Annie King and her family found themselves living in the United States over 20 years ago. Through a series of serendipitous events including studying Plant Spirit Medicine, she became involved in the building of the Sacred Fire Community through supporting community fires.

Details & Pricing

The cost of tuition for this program is $725, including tuition, lodging and food.  

Please contact Linda at lindafelch@bluedeer.org with any questions you may have about this program or registration. You can reserve your spot in this program with a deposit when you register.

Please plan to arrive at the Blue Deer Center between 4 and 6 pm on the first night. The program will be over the morning of the 8th. We offer the option to have breakfast on the last day at the Center, depending on your travel plans. For information on transportation options, please click here or check your registration confirmation. 

We offer the option of special meals for those with certain dietary restrictions (gluten-free, dairy-free, gluten- and dairy-free). If you have other dietary restrictions, please email catering@bluedeer.org to discuss your needs.

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellation of your reservation more than 14 days prior to arrival entitles you to a full refund of tuition less a $50 processing fee. If you cancel 8 to 14 days prior to arrival, your program fee, less a $50 processing fee, will be held for you to use in another future program up to a year.  If you cancel 2 to 7 days prior to arrival, your program fee, less a $50 processing fee and food costs, will be held for you to use in another future program up to a year. No refunds or credits will be issued for cancellations received less than 48 hours before a program’s start date.