July 22 – 23, 2017

Voices of Wisdom

Presented by the Sacred Fire Foundation

with Gail Whitlow & Jody Noé

Voices of Wisdom brings you together with indigenous elders that embody ancestral wisdom. At this event, held around a sacred Fire, elders not only speak, but also offer perspectives & experiences that help people feel the world around them as living, aware and sacred.

The way toward a long-term sustainable future is to individually and collectively regain empathy with each other and the natural world. Through indigenous ancestral wisdom, Voices of Wisdom opens your heart to feel renewed connections within yourself, among participants and with the living world.

At the Blue Deer Center, Voices of Wisdom welcomes Dr. Jody Noé and Gail Whitlow.

Join us for this two-part program. Experience the wisdom of the elders on Saturday afternoon. Experience connection in community through a special fire circle on Sunday evening.

The gathering will start on Saturday at noon with a potluck lunch. People will sit by the fire and each of the two elders will speak in turn, offering the wisdom that they see is needed in that moment. The talks and conversations will be punctuated by a snack break. There will be no evening program Saturday night and the elders will return to their homes the next morning.

On Sunday evening, people will reconvene at the fire before sunset. Offerings will be made to the fire creating ritual space, an energetic container that will be held by an initiated fire keeper, who will tend the fire and who is also a skilled facilitator for group discussions. This will be an opportunity for everyone to share what has been stirred in each of them by listening to the elders. Fire is the energy of our heart and is connection itself. So around fire’s elemental presence we have an enhanced opportunity to uncover our heart’s knowing --- the center of all the traditions.

Program presented by the Sacred Fire Foundation. For more information about the event, the elders and the program please visit the Sacred Fire Foundations website.


Gail Whitlow

Gail Whitlow is Mohawk, born into the Bear Clan of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). Since she was 25 years old, her life has been dedicated to fostering traditional ceremonies that allow connection to Spirit. Gail is the 13th Grandmother on the Turtle Island Council.

Jody Noé

Dr. Jody Noé is a traditional Cherokee medicine holder and Naturopathic Doctor. In 1987, Dr. Noé was accepted as an official apprentice by Crosslin F. Smith, high medicine person of the Keetoowah Cherokees of the Western Band, OK.

Details & Pricing

Cost: $50. Online payment only. There is a reduced price for those in need. Children 13 and under are free. Lodging at the Blue Deer Center is available for the night of the 22nd and the night of the 23rd at an additional cost of $65 per night. 

Times: Arrive 12pm Saturday July 22.
Day one program ends around 7pm after the second Elder Talk.
Sunday June 23 arrive at 7pm for the special fire. Gathering will end approximately at 10pm. 

For information and any questions you may have about this event, call the Center at 845 586 3225 or email lindafelch@bluedeer.org

For questions or comments concerning the program or about the elders, contact Elyse Portal at eportal@sacredfirefoundation.org