June 28 – July 1, 2013

9th Annual Plant Spirit Medicine Conference

Exploring the Mystery of Nature

“How delightfully difficult it is to accept the reality of our ignorance. The door is in Nature, but only by giving up what you think you know about Nature, by being willing to know nothing, is the door found.” - Stephen Harrod Buhner

Nature is the creative expression of Divine. Reawakening our listening to Nature has brought us to the miracle of Plant Spirit Medicine healing. This year’s conference experience is designed to deepen our relationship and understanding of the natural world and bring the Plant Spirit Medicine healer into awareness of the tools available for this healing work which brings transformation to our clients. We invite those currently involved in the study of Plant Spirit Medicine, as well as those interested in learning more about Plant Spirit Medicine.

Join us at the 9th Annual Plant Spirit Medicine Conference, as we share, connect and grow deeper into the heart and the practice of this medicine.

Grandfather Fire at the PSM Conference?

This year’s conference is full of possibilities!

David Wiley is speaking, and an invitation has been offered to Grandfather, but a response has not been received yet.
We invite you to light a candle and offer Grandfather a prayer of invitation to join us at this event.

Come prepared with a Grandfather cigar and the Grandfather fee of $50. We’ll keep you posted!

David Wiley: Practice Building for the PSM Healer and Perceptions beyond the mind.
Eliot Cowan: Readings from the Second Edition of Plant Spirit Medicine.
Alison Gayek: Listening to Your Plant Oracles Part II: Letting the Divine Natural World Support Your Healing Work.
Maggie Freier: Confidentiality and Crisis Management - The Tarasoff Decision and Beyond.
Mai Duong & Kateri McCue: Power of Partnership: Support for Effective Action.

The PSMA Conference will be followed by the Advanced Class, where you can earn 20 Clinical CEU's and hone your clinical skills.

Details & Pricing

Early Bird Pricing until June 7th:

Save $55 on your registration!

Professional Member Early Bird - $585
Associate Member Early Bird - $610
NonMember Early Bird - $635
Commuter Early Bird - $360
After June 7th:
Professional Member  - $640
Associate Member  - $665
NonMember  - $690
Commuter - $415


For more information email psma-conference@plantspiritmedicine.org

Please plan to arrive at the Blue Deer Center between 3 and 5:30pm on Friday, June 28. The conference will end at noon on Monday July 1st followed by lunch.