August 10 – 13, 2012

Sacred Fire Community Reunion 2012

Celebrating Deep Community

It's past the deadline for on-line registration, but you can still register by contacting our Center Director, Mark Gionfriddo:

Where can you celebrate, dance, play, eat great food...and deepen your connection to the sacred world? At the Sacred Fire Community’s annual Reunion, we rekindle our connection to nature, each other, and our purpose, and then we bring those sparks of joyful, transformative deep community alive as we return home.

Open to old friends and brand new ones, this event is your chance to warm up with community in action and to discover the sacredness that provides the deep taproot of the Blue Deer Center and its role in the world.

Come join in the fun with a variety of activities to choose from:

Join us for a special evening with Grandfather Fire on Saturday, August 11th.

In this time of turmoil and transformation, the voice of Fire and Heart is more needed than ever before. The elemental spirit of fire, the guiding force of life through the fire in our hearts, appears through a human conduit only in times of great need. Grandfather Fire shares his teachings of the heart through David Wiley, a tsaurrirrikame (elder shaman) in the Huichol tradition of Mexico.

Come experience the sacred land at the BDC. Saskawhihiwine, the river at the Blue Deer Center, allows all who go there to learn, explore and be with Her in this special place. At this event, we’ll connect with one another, put our feet on the soil. We’ll dance where the ancestors have danced before us and send song and drumming out to the shores of the sacred waters below. By being in this place, by hearing Her waters flowing, we connect and remember.

Join us for the whole weekend or come for the day on Saturday, August 11th.

Contact markgionfriddo [at] bluedeer [dot] org (subject: REunion%20add-on) (markgionfriddo)lindafelch [at] bluedeer [dot] org (subject: SFC%20REunion%20waiting%20list) ( or call Mark at 845-586-3225 x1 to register.

For specific questions about Reunion, contact Cheryl White at sfcregistrar [at] gmail [dot] com (sfcregistrar)sfcregistrar [at] gmail [dot] com (@)sfcregistrar [at] gmail [dot] com (gmail)sfcregistrar [at] gmail [dot] com (.)sfcregistrar [at] gmail [dot] com (com)

Sacred Fire Community

Details & Pricing

Adults: $440 (double room with private bath); $400 (dorm); $310 (camping); $225 (commuting); $110 (Saturday with lunch, dinner, camping, & Sunday breakfast); $80 (Saturday only w/ lunch and dinner)*

Teens (13-17): $260 (dorm); $190 (camping); $125 (commuting); $80 (Saturday with lunch, dinner, camping, & Sunday breakfast); $60 (Saturday only w/ lunch and dinner)*

Children (4-12): $145 (dorm); $75 (camping); $65 (commuting); $40 (Saturday with lunch, dinner, camping, & Sunday breakfast); $25 (Saturday only w/ lunch and dinner)*

Children under 4 are free.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration prices do not include a customary offering of $50 for attendance at the Grandfather Fire on Saturday evening.


Dates and Times. Registration for REunion starts at 2pm on Friday, August 10th. Registration for those who will not be arriving until Saturday will be from 8:30 am to 9:00 am. REunion ends on Monday, August 13th after breakfast.


Lodging. Please note that there are a limited number of indoor rooms available. These will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Semi-private rooms are located at the property next to the Center, so you will have a little bit of a walk to where most of the REunion events will be happening.


Camping. Bring your own tent and gear. Showers, washing stations and restrooms will be provided.


Contact or call Mark at 845-586-3225 x1 to register.