The Reappearance of the Circle in the River (cont...)

By Buffy Aakaash

Years ago, when a group of people began looking for land that would become the Blue Deer Center, this place by this river called Saskawhihiwine called to them through its history. For it was said to be a powerful place of healing where the old peoples gathered to settle differences. The story goes that a great shaman was called upon to settle a severe rift between tribes in the area. He set out on a journey to ask the gods for help in what at the time seemed like a nearly impossible task. As we have retold the story,

After consulting the nearby forests, streams, and mountains, Tesakwanachee entered the valley to the West, looking for a sign that he had reached a special place of peace-making. In the stream called Saskawhihiwine he found the sign: a perfect circle in the water. He claimed the place as neutral territory in the Onondaga tradition. A council fire was built, the dispute was settled, war was averted. The people returned to hunting and gathering their food.”

As part of the growing Blue Deer community, we can now stand in gratitude for the healers and others involved with the land search years ago, who felt this palpable history of healing potential and, through work and prayer, allowed the doors to open. Shortly after the Center’s opening, in the winter of 2005-6, this mysterious circle appeared again, perfectly formed, almost etched, in the ice. It was a sign that once again the energies that bring people together and offer healing between disparate cultures and cosmologies were reactivated. For years, we have built the Center around the living power of this story.

This winter, the circle appeared once again, confirming that, at least on some level, we are again on the right track. A great blessing!

Many of our programs this year attest to this alignment, not the least of which will be the arrival of Ancient Wisdom Rising, an annual Sacred Fire Foundation event that will be at the Center for the first time since its inception. Ted Finkle, whose family history in the area stretches back hundreds of years, now stands at the helm as Center Director. As a musician, he plans to welcome more music events to the Center this year. And music, as he so aptly states, helps bring community together. It is in alignment with the land and its early role in healing communal rifts.

So, with great spring joy, we welcome you to step into this world, and join us in this new era of healing, for ourselves and for this planet.