Healing Camp: Experiencing the Sacred in Life

My experience of Healing Camp was completely life changing and a pivotal point in my personal journey towards wholeness. I chose to go not because I had any physical health issues to address, but because within myself I was in deep emotional pain, and felt very stuck and confused in my life.

Being welcomed by the land and the people working and holding space for us at the Blue Deer Center, my time began with a heartfelt embrace that softened and opened me to the experience awaiting me. The River showed me flow and graciousness, and the land how to move with what is being given. This infusion of a feeling of connectedness was instant for me, and profoundly nourishing.

A deepening connection with nature and a profound heart opening were two of the many powerful elements of my experience at Healing camp. The classes ... were a big part of that. Getting my soul tickled with the example they set of living from a place of connection and truth is something I work to embody. Their teachings were deep and delightful and filled with open-hearted emotion. Robust laughter, sharing with other participants and spending time around the Fire were the delicious ribbon that tied it all together.

As far as the healing work goes, well, I have worked with other healers and had a deep spiritual practice for many years, but the work Eliot and I did together was profound beyond any previous spiritual or healing experience I had ever had. It was beyond any of my expectations and cracked me wide open. It not only opened the stuck doors within me to create a flow of healing and light, but showed me ways that I’ve been acting throughout my life that lead to this place of pain and suffering within my heart. Seeing those places has since enabled me to make changes in myself and in my own behavior that have led to a dramatically different experience of life itself. I am forever deeply grateful for this experience and would recommend it highly to anyone who wants to heal and grow. It is an authentic sharing of the sacred in life — a rare and precious opportunity and gift.

— Karla, California, USA

Join us at the Blue Deer Center for Healing Camp, May 2-7, 2020