Blue Deer Center News

Posted March 25, 2011

The Blue Deer Center is looking for a part-time fundraiser. This position will have a variety of duties, including Annual Giving, Special Events, Donor Drive, Fireball, Donor Relations, Annual Mail Appeal, Grants, Volunteer development & coordination, coordinating meetings for different fundraising activities, staying in touch with Gratitude Committee.

This position will work with a team of three others in the fundraising department to achieve not only the financial goals set by the organization but developing a supported donor base.

Initiative and innovation are key qualities for this position.

For more information and to apply, please contact Peter Brown at peterbrown [at] bluedeer [dot] com or 845-586-3225 ext. 5

Posted February 25, 2011

Eliot speaks with Joanna Harcourt-Smith about the experience of awe, the aliveness of Nature, retrieving our indigenous soul, our relationship with the ancestors and the appropriate conditions in which to engage with the teacher plants… Following Eliot's apt description of the indescribable, this interview quickly takes listeners into the depths, reaching to the transcendent experience of humanness.

Click Here to Listen.


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