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Posted June 23, 2011

Given only a few sentences, I've been asked to tell you something about Eliot Cowan and the influence that he has had upon my life and the lives of others. How can one capture the essence of a true healer and communicate it in words?

When I met Eliot I would not be exaggerating to say that it transformed my life. In the truest sense of the word healing, he illuminated the direction that my life was pointing me, set me on the track and gently gave me a push with his feathers. He guided me to the place that my Heart has always been calling me, and when I listened, everything in my life blossomed. Time and time again people have told me stories of how they met Eliot and through his work, their lives were transformed for the better. Some have received profound physical and emotional healing. Others found themselves quenching a deep spiritual thirst for meaningful connection to Divine and to the path and purpose of their life. Many have discovered a profound and living relationship with plants and nature that informs them in their daily lives and in their healing work.

The month of July presents a wonderful opportunity to spend time with Eliot at Blue Deer Center experiencing the many forms of his teaching and healing work. Please consider joining us, and be transformed!

Keiko Cronin, Plant Spirit Medicine Healer

Posted April 7, 2011

Through our hands and our hearts, thirty people came together to discover what it means to be community,in relationship to the natural world, and in a place of selfless service. Our Spring Welcome Home Work Weekend was one of joy, laughter, nourishment, and love.

“I came to the Welcome Home Work Weekend with no expectations. During the ritual at the River I experienced a consolidation and culmination of all the healing I’ve received over the years from the Land, the River, from Eliot Cowan, from the Providers. With deep gratitude I realized that all of this healing had made it possible for me to be here at the work weekend, and in that moment I moved from being a recipient to being a giver, a steward of this land, these buildings, and this mission.”– Kateri McCue

Through our hands and our hearts, thirty people came together to discover what it means to be community,in relationship to the natural world, and in a place of selfless service. As the weather beings blessed us with snowflakes falling through sunlit fields, we raised our new tipi, cleaned the nooks and crannies of the buildings and yurt, and sorted wood and kindling. We cared for this land as our own home, a gesture of welcoming, love, and support for others who will find their way here, seeking their hearts. We were nurtured by foods that were skillfully and lovingly prepared by Maggie Starzyk and Forest Perrupato.

On Saturday afternoon, we moved into ritual, led by Dan Sprinkles and Annie Eagan, resident Marakames, and listened to the song of the river while sharing our gratitude for this sacred land. Later that evening, we came together for a consecrated fire, our hearts bursting with the fullness of our days.

The children who shared this weekend with us, were beings ofjoy and light. Not only did they participate in the work for the weekend, but they were also given a top secret mission to carry out – the creation of new markers for our river trail. On Sunday morning they presented their creations to the group, along with their blessings for the River.

Indeed, we are blessed to be able to share in a weekend such as this – one that carries the heart across the generations and reminds us what it is to live from a place of love, gratitude, and iyari. In the words of a wise young soul who spent the weekend with us – “may anyone who touches this land be blessed.” Your work this weekend will reverberate to the hearts of those who come to the land this year, helping to steward them to a place of wholeness and love. Thank you

Posted April 7, 2011

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a community to support the opening of the heart. This year at the Center, we are blessed with the diverse offerings of many tradition holders and Elders. The experiences that will be had on this Land are nurtured by those who share their time and energy in supporting the Center as a volunteer. In fact, it is this nurturing, this gift of selfless service, that feeds the work of the heart in ways that reach far beyond words. What seems to be simple – helping with food preparation in the kitchen, washing pots, moving chairs, or stacking wood – serves as an act of love and support for all who retreat to this Land, incapable of being measured by a log of hours or an outline of responsibilities.

Each program this year is in need of two volunteers to support the inner workings of the Center. In exchange for seven hours of work each day, volunteers will receive free room and board, and the opportunity to sit with the River, the Land, and the Fire. The community setting of each program provides a space for personal enrichment and growth, as we share meals, conversation, and laughter. It is an opportunity to be a steward to the mission of the Blue Deer Center, to give of your heart for the sake of others, and to experience the diversity of those who grace us with their presence this year.

If you are unable to volunteer on the Land this year, there are also opportunities to support the Center by working with one of our Directors on special projects. We are in need of individuals to help gatheritems for the Silent Auction at Fireball, to help research media outlets in the Catskills and New York region, and to serve as a Volunteer Coordinator. Often these roles take only a few hours each week, yet the value is priceless.

With each volunteer that supports the Blue Deer Center, we are building a community of individuals who are leading the way in opening the hearts of individuals. It is only in community that we are capable of seeing what our gifts are, and in learning from others. We are eagerly awaiting for the arrival of your gifts, and seeking to share ours.


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