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Posted March 9, 2016

Plant Spirit Medicine is a healing modality that uses plants for healing. It’s been around for thousands of years. Every indigenous culture has a way of healing with plants and plant spirits. Because of that, it’s one of the most basic healing modalities there is. Plant Spirit Medicine creates deep healing and helps bring people back into balance with themselves. And what’s important about that is when we work from a place of balance we’re able to realize our strengths — the things in life we were brought here to do. Plants are really good at bringing us back to that internal balance and helping people be more at home with themselves. Plant Spirit Medicine can help people recover from all sorts of things, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or what we’d call spiritual concerns. That’s because when that balance is restored, it creates the conditions for healing. Read more ...

Posted February 22, 2016

It is easy to recognize that plants offer us food, oxygen, and medicines, but less known today is that plants have spirits with wisdom to nurture and heal us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ancient cultures and shamans have known for millennia that the medicine of plant spirits can bring us into balance and harmony, but much of this tradition has been lost in the West.

The next Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training starts April 13, 2016. Register by March 15th.

Posted January 5, 2016

Voices of Wisdom brings you together with indigenous elders that embody ancestral wisdom. At this event, held around a sacred Fire, elders not only speak, but also offer perspectives & experiences that help people feel the world around them as living, aware and sacred.

The way toward a long-term sustainable future is to individually and collectively regain empathy with each other and the natural world. Through indigenous ancestral wisdom, Voices of Wisdom opens your heart to feel renewed connections within yourself, among participants and with the living world.

At the Blue Deer Center, Voices of Wisdom welcomes Dr. Jody Noé and Gail Whitlow.

Join us for this two-part program. Experience the wisdom of the elders on Saturday afternoon. Experience connection in community through a special fire circle on Sunday evening.

The gathering will start on Saturday at noon with a potluck lunch. People will sit by the fire and each of the two elders will speak in turn, offering the wisdom that they see is needed in that moment. The talks and conversations will be punctuated by a snack break. There will be no evening program Saturday night and the elders will return to their homes the next morning.

On Sunday evening, people will reconvene at the fire before sunset. Offerings will be made to the fire creating ritual space, an energetic container that will be held by an initiated fire keeper, who will tend the fire and who is also a skilled facilitator for group discussions. This will be an opportunity for everyone to share what has been stirred in each of them by listening to the elders. Fire is the energy of our heart and is connection itself. So around fire’s elemental presence we have an enhanced opportunity to uncover our heart’s knowing --- the center of all the traditions.

Program presented by the Sacred Fire Foundation. For more information about the event, the elders and the program please visit the Sacred Fire Foundations website.


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