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Posted July 19, 2012

By Carla Leftwich

The evening breezes are cooler now but the light of the huge Harvest Moon is a magically ripe and warm golden orange. As the days grow shorter, the once seemingly endless expansion of Summer energy wanes and gives way to a sense of soft comfort and groundedness.

The Season of Late Summer calls us back into the arms of the Mother Earth where we can be held and fed and loved unconditionally. Rich soils warmed by Summer sun and kissed by gentle beneficial rains yield endless fields of ripe grains, mounds of knobby, hardy squashes, and orchards full of luscious soft yellow pears or crisp smooth apples. All needs are met by the rich, ripe colors and smells and textures and feelings of the season. There is a sense of being totally supported and secure. A great harvest is available for body and spirit. If we are able to receive, digest, and distribute the nourishment of the Earth Element, the Mother's love given in this season, we will be at home wherever we go, and that home will be abundant and full of peace.

Posted July 19, 2012

“It is your support that provides the sustaining life to the Center.”

During the hot summer months, plants need more of our attention. Plants receive more sunlight and need us to provide more water to support their growth. Here at the Blue Deer Center we are asking for your support of our continued growth.

The Center has been busy taking in sunlight, growing and strengthening. It has been busy, bustling with activity and recent programs having successful attendance. Recent “Healing Week” with Eliot at the Center was full. As more of our community is finding a connection to the Center, the Center needs continued tending. More use means more parts needing our tending.

The staff at the BDC is focused on providing you with a comfortable, esthetic experience. To bring you this, the staff is working hard to improve the grounds, accommodations and infrastructure and bring you new programs, expand already existing ones, and welcome you home to the land for personal retreats. All of these improvements can be achieved with your continued support. It is your support that provides the sustaining life to the Center. It is for you, from you and by you that we are here.

We ask you to help us tend to the needs of the Center by reaching our fundraising goals for 2012. WHAT IS OUR GOAL? WHAT DO WE NEED? You will be receiving a personal letter from one of our staff members asking you to tend to the needs of the Center. We need your help. Please send in your single donation, increase your monthly donation, or consider making a monthly donation.

The Blue Deer Center continues because of the generous support of our community and you!

Jennifer Schuman

BDC Fundraising Director


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