Together We Thrive!

We are in this together. We benefit when we work together and live together and heal together.

Blue Deer is here for your benefit.
During this time that your physical body is homebound,
focused on your loved ones and taking care of each other,
we recognize that your spirit is free to roam.
Remember this sacred land that you love so much…
Take refuge in this natural home,
let the round, gentle mountains hold you in their beauty.
Take a walk to the peaceful river, Saskawhihiwine.
Sit by the warmth of the healing Fire.
Fill your lungs with the generous breath of the trees…
and the plants moving with the wind.
And along the path find your courage and your strength.

At Blue Deer we are finding our strength in our mission and with each other…

As an expression of Fire,
Blue Deer offers a home for shared experiences of transformation and healing
by embracing the wisdom of the natural world.

Be assured, the team of our Board of Directors and amazing Staff are united in our purpose to continue this work. Everyone is rolling up their sleeves and doing what is necessary to help.

We invite you to share your Blue Deer story. How has your life benefited?

We invite you to volunteer your time and talents.

Your donation will keep the fire of our mission alive.

Give whatever is within your means:

  • A monthly donation of any size multiples x 12.
  • A one time donation.
  • A recommendation to a foundation fund.

Blue Deer is here to help us remember that Nature is the gift and presence that provides for all of our lives, no matter where we live.

With Deep Gratitude,

Dr. Patrick Hanaway, Chairman of the Board
Amanda Kerner, Acting Executive Director and Board Member
Dan Sprinkles, Secretary/Treasurer of the Board